Dog Training

At Cane Creek, we can train any breed, but specialize in bird dog training and field trial training.

Bird Dog Training

We believe in training bird dogs the natural way -- let dogs develop at their own pace with lots of bird contact in the field learning how to hunt, use their nose, hunt with you, and getting dogs started without any negative training methods.

We also start some yard work in getting dogs to come, heel, whoa, and to watch lots of pigeons fly without chasing.

We also introduce dogs to roading and teach them to run on the whistle.

Putting a pattern on a dog is probably the hardest training but we have great training grounds here and wild birds.

We are very good with problem dogs and reading a dog -- letting the dog tell us when they are ready to finish. Here at Cane Creek we are also very good at "Putting on the Chrome".

Contact us today to discuss your dog or consider sponsoring a Cane Creek dog.